2 comments on “First Date

  1. “I did not realize that there were two restaurants in the same building and we had to walk upstairs to Takaoka. I thought that was kind of neat.” <– no I bet you were pissed you had to walk up more stairs than usual.

    "I will guarantee you I will be going back in the future!" <– uhh no you won't! you're too poor!!

    "I had a strawberry sundae" <– heck yeah back to 234!!!

    "I think Savannah pretty much digs me. Oh yeah, I’m sure Jill does too." .>

    Btw did you type this blog while you guys were eating or had a tape recorder on? Sheesh you forgot to add the part where you were breathing and blinking!

    Good job justy!

    • Nope, I had no problem climbing the stairs…
      My new job I am at pays me very well…not to mention my other job I still have.
      And no, I will not be going back to 234lbs…Never.
      I wrote this blog in between classes. And I can remember things like this because I had a great time!
      Thanks for the negative, yet positive comment at the end. Thank you. ha

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