2 comments on “Grocery Shopping Etiquette

  1. I am a 5-year grocery stocker/cashier at a small grocery chain owned by Kroger co. and I agree with everything above except for the “not paying with change” part. Coins are an official currency of the U.S. and are as completely acceptable as any other method of payment. I understand they slow the lines down, but certainly not as much as even a normal WIC order, let alone one that has incorrect items on it. Not to mention, Coinstars are a joke. They charge 8% interest and anyone who uses them more than once is a fucking idiot. The guy who invented those is sitting on his gold throne laughing his ass off now. If you are lazy and want to round my change up to the nearest dollar so you don’t have to see the coins next time, go right ahead!

    • I do agree with you on the CoinStar comment. It is definitely not in anyone’s best interest to use it to turn your coins into cash. That 8% is there and will take some of the money. I do not use it. I take my coins to my bank to be counted or if one would not have a bank, find someone who does and get ALL of your money.

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